Spring EMTB Class Registration Open!
By Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad
January 21, 2023

This EMT Course is an all inclusive course that upon completion allows students to test out at the National Registry EMT level. Classes are during a 9a-5p Weekend day (Sat or Sun). Course will be done by In-Person & Visual presentations and Face-to-Face skill days. The course is composed of 155+ hours of lecture along with 10 hours of in-hospital and ambulance ride time. All students will need access to an internet service and have a working laptop or computer to complete the course testing and homework assignments. You will be require to complete a medical/ shot record form prior to the first night of class. Forms will be provided to you. If you have a Felony on file, you will not be able to take this course.

This free ticket is your seat for registration, Not a free course. The course cost is $500 per person on the first date of class. (Check made out to IWVRS or Cash) Your book is included in the price. Course syllabus and required forms are attached. Please have required forms completed by the first day of class.

Course is from 01/21/23 to the end of May 2023. Good Luck!!!

Register Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/457593653937

Attachment Clinical Agreement Form (1).pdf  (18k)
Attachment Medical Information Form (Revised) (2).pdf  (273k)
Attachment Spring 2023 EMT Class Schedule Jan-May.pdf  (285k)
Attachment TR-07-Parental-Permission-BLS-1-13-19.pdf  (225k)
Attachment TR-09-BLS-Student-Signatures.pdf  (87k)
Attachment TR-14B-BLS-Functional-Job-Description-11-29-18.pdf  (208k)
Attachment TR-16-Course-Expectations-for-Successul-Completion-9-11-18.pdf  (188k)
Attachment TR-35-Prereqs-and-Conduct-3-5-19.pdf  (226k)